Several of y’all asked me how I keep the pans for my Art Toolkit Palettes organized so I thought I’d share. True confession: I used to keep them in a drawer and they’d get all jumbled up and messy. Then one day I had the idea to use magnetic sheets with clear plastic pockets meant for storing craft dies and they work great! (See below for all the details + links).

I used to write on the pans with a Sharpie but it would rub off over time, darn! Then I had the idea to use labels and it works like a charm!

I like to switch up my colors with the seasons and depending on locations, so I’m thinking of setting up several of these.


  • Avery 5414 Multi-Use Labels — Tip: cut the labels in half for the smaller pans.
  • Magnetic sheets with clear pockets — I use some from Ellen Hutson die cuts packaging (move the dies into the matching stamp packaging). Similar on Amazon here and here. (I have not personally used these since I have plenty from Ellen Hutson).
  • I use a Sharpie or Copic Mutiliner .1 to write on the labels — just make sure it’s waterproof. :) I like the .1 size so I can keep my writing small.

Instagram Reel

See it all in action!

Hope this helps someone and let me know if you have any questions!

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Bob Cochran · October 15, 2022 at 1:21 pm

Hi Lisa, this is a very interesting post for how to keep palettes neatly organized. I must tell my art class about you and show the class my Art Toolkit. I wonder, do the magnetic properties of either the palette containers or the sheets you mention above affect the color of the paints themselves? Can magnetism change the chemical properties of the paints? How about physical properties like how well they can be picked up with a brush?

I bet you lock your palettes away to keep children from discovering them.

Your use of the Hutson products points to an additional hobby.

    Lisa Spangler · October 17, 2022 at 10:11 am

    Hi Bob! You always ask the best questions! Actually, I HAVE had problems with Greenleaf & Blueberry’s magnetite and magnets! (This paint was in one of the plastic pans and had magnets on the bottom.) Over time the magnetic filings were pulled to the bottom of the pan. It was kind of cool but made the paint unusable. I put hot water on it to soften it and then re-mulled it and revived it!

    That’s the only paint I had problems with tho.

    We don’t have kids so just I keep my palettes on my desk.

    I used to work in the arts and crafts hobby industry so I did have other hobbies :)

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