What are nature spots, you ask? They’re spots of color to mark your observations while out in nature.

Nature Spots of bigtooth maples at Guadaloupe Mountains National Park.

Be it a flower, butterfly, amazing rock formation or magnificent mountain, nature spots are a great way to document a subject without taking up too much time.

Fill up a journal to document a hike or time spent at a special location. They’re a satisfying way to scratch that itch to paint, yet so simple that you can do them in five minutes tops.

Making color spots helps me connect with nature in a way that snapping a photo just can’t match and I wanted to find a way to share this joyful practice — so the Nature Spots ebooklet was born!

Peek Inside the Nature Spots eBooklet

Get Your Nature Spots eBooklet

Nature Spots is available as an instant download via my Ko-fi Shop — sorry, no hardcopy books are available at this time.


One of the best things about Nature Spots is that they need so few supplies — you can always have them with you!

Here’s what I have in my kit:

  • Pocket or Demi Palette from Art Toolkit. Fill it with your favorite tube watercolors. I like to switch up my paints with the changing of the seasons or if I know I’ll be visiting a certain place.
  • Paper or sketchbook. I like the mini Hahnemühle zig-zag book as the paper is thick enough so the you can use both sides without the color spot warping the paper. You can also make your own book.
  • Waterbrush. A water brush is a game-changer! If you haven’t heard of a water brush you’re in for a treat. It’s a brush that has water in the handle — nifty, right? A light squeeze gets the water flowing. I like the large size by Pentel
  • Paper towel or shop towel for cleaning the water brush.
I keep my supplies in a shoulder pouch on my pack so I can get to them in a flash.

Use code LISAFAN10 for 10% off your purchase of an ArtToolkitpalette, or mixing pans. Full disclosure: I’m a Brand Ambassador for Art Toolkit and I’ll receive a small commission at no charge to you if you use the code — thank you so much for your support. I’ve been using these palettes since 2018 and I truly love them. Reviews here are my own.

Take the Nature Spots Challenge

Hiking the Bush Mountain Trail at Guadalupe Mountains National Park with my Nature Spot kit ready to go!

Join me for the Nature Spots challenge! It’s super simple: just do a nature spot each day and post a picture with hashtag #naturespotchallenge on Instagram, or add yours to the Padlet below.

Here are some ideas to get you going: do the color of the sky each day, tree bark, birds, rocks, landmarks — anything you like! The goal is to spend 5 minutes reconnecting with nature. Hope you’ll join me!

Share Your Nature Spots!

If you’re on Instagram, please tag your post with #naturespotchallenge so that we can inspire each other. Not on Instagram? No worries! Share your Nature Spots on Padlet, below:

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January 2023 Challenge Nature Spots

Made with Padlet


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