I’m super excited to share a project that’s been in the works for a while now: a Cactus Palette Collab with Letter Sparrow! Kelly makes some of the best handmade paints that I’ve ever used, hands-down. This is like a dream come true. It will come in a Folio palette from Art Toolkit, with plenty of mixing space. The palette will be available for sale on May 27th in her shop and she’ll also have individual pans for sale so that you can pick them up and add to an existing palette.

Kelly and I have been working on this for months and it feels so good to hold it in my hands!

Here’s an unboxing video so you can join in the excitement with me:

Full list and a bit about how the palette is setup:

The top two rows have colors for spines and flowers:

  • Spines: titanium white, buff titanium, bronze shimmer, pearl shimmer, sparkle gold and black ocher
  • Flowers: primrose yellow, sunflower, cosmo, ruby red, quinacridone magenta and Mayan red

The third row is all about greens for the cactus pads and stems:

  • pistachio, Kelly, peacock, turquoise, ultramarine blue, Mayan blue

The fourth row is for the desert floor:

  • raw sienna, pink pipestone, potter’s pink, burnt sienna, violet ochre and Mayan violet

All colors have been chosen for their lightfastness and special properties like granulation and shimmer.

More on the palette — including favorite mixes — coming tomorrow!


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